• A interior design company
  • A interior design company
We live in a world where space comes at a premium. At DécorHolic, our mission is to enhance your space with smart design choices, allowing more room for comfortable living.


Modern residential home

Compact 2 BHk home

Contemporary resedential home

Minimalist Interior home


Outlining and understanding your needs make for the crucial first step. An intimate conversation along with a tour of the space we need to design helps us assess what You want and what We can do.



Every project is a unique venture that is customized to the specific requests and budget of our clients. Processing in the requirements, we design a detailed concept and its work flow. This helps you visualize the final outcome and also enables us to make any changes before we go live.



Once both You and We are satisfied with the proposed design, we are ready to plunge into work to deliver to your dream space in a timely and economic manner.



The focal point of each house is the kitchen. Each urban house merits an advanced, best in class kitchen that makes it probably the most joyful spot in the house. We structure measured kitchens that effectively utilize the littlest accessible space, while fitting in your particular standard needs and convictions, assuming any.

One of the most basic part of any home or work space is its stockpiling zone. Current private spaces are naturally smaller in configuration, making regular closet plan thoughts massive and wasteful. We furnish answers for every one of these issues with our inventive structures that not simply appear to expand the measure of room accessible however really appear to make more!

Each structure, except if in any case determined, is idea based. As a rule, that idea is YOU. We guarantee that these idea based inside arrangements are start to finish, where we deal with each part of it, from sellers to temporary workers, to planners and work. Simply take a load off as we put your fantasy to block and stone.

We undertake extensive false ceiling work that range from plaster, mosaic, wood work and so much more. We embrace broad bogus roof work that go from mortar, mosaic, wood work thus considerably more. Browse our inventory of lovely and rich structures or propose your plan thoughts to us. We couldn't imagine anything better than to make something special for you and your family to cherish and be glad for.

We have all central to anomalous condition of devices to counter minor channels needs like apparatus squares, minor wash bowl spillages and prosperity nozzle spillages. At any rate with respect to more noteworthy funnels issues like moderate channels or a discharging flush take, we complete things in a tentatively attempted way instead of endeavoring our hand at them.