Why Interior Design Is Not Just About The Looks

Interior Design plan sketch

While popular opinion about designing a house might involve putting together cushions in myriad colours to adorn plush furniture, one has to dig deeper to understand the real aesthetics that go into the creation of a perfect home.

Interior designing has grown over the years to translate into both functionality and aesthetics for a home owner. An interior designer’s mandate has evolved from just filling up a house with things to designing the marriage of good aesthetics along with the needs of the owner to yield to a perfect home.

Decoding de-clutter

With increasing real estate prices, people are getting smarter about utilising the limited space in their residences. The need to make more space in homes has become a necessity. Interior planning and designing in done advance can help save time and effort. Space planning involves understanding your needs and planning the interior elements like furniture, décor and other layouts accordingly. Interior design can help identify the functional deficiencies and manipulate the elements to suit the requirements of the house. This eliminates the often unnecessary large additions when it is simply a matter of efficient planning.


Breathing air into spaces: Landscaping

It is important to use good quality materials as this affects how one experiences the place. Natural materials and fabrics have a timeless appeal and look and are always soothing in their effect. Including plants in the home space has become an urban trend with nuclear families developing a new found interest towards gardening, albeit in a redefined way.


Customisation is the key

Increasingly homes are seen as a reflection of one’s taste and every person having a unique personality, it is important that wall colours speak volumes about the individual. Customised wall paintings can add that much needed spunk to a dull room.


Shaping the experience

Interior designing not only involves enhancing the aesthetics of an environment it also involves optimising the space in a satisfactory manner for the individual. Style, colour, space and mood come to mind when considering designing a space. But it is important to plan the space according to the people and purpose for which it is going to be used. While it sounds fun and exciting to put together the design elements, it will make no sense without a proper understanding of the purpose of the room and one’s needs.

Form follows function in the ever changing world of decor. Design and decor keep changing frequently and for this reason it important to get the purpose and function of the room right at the beginning. With a properly planned space it is easier to simply change the decor elements according to the client’s wishes. However this is more difficult in an unplanned space where you discover it much harder to bring together the design elements.


Adding value to homes

Another important aspect to consider is the resale value of the house. A well designed and planned house is sure to appeal to future buyers and is much easier to sell. Nobody would want a cramped space with choppy rooms. An open and free flowing plan is sure to increase the value of homes.

Beautiful spaces don’t just happen, they are created. Every room has a purpose and when all the elements in the room are unified, they create a harmonious environment. A well designed home that balances all these factors can, in fact transform your life.

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