Unique Ways To Do Your Living Room

Wireframe of a living room

First impression is the last impression and that holds true even for your house too. Living rooms give a glimpse of your entire house and it’s only ideal that you design it in a way that reflects your personality. It is also the place where guests, visitors and your family spend most of their time there it should be both impressive and comfortable. It also needs to be multifunctional where you can show your style.



Although framed artwork is great, give the guests something to talk about with other fun alternatives. Your favourite instruments, maps, framed sarees the ideas are endless and it is a great conversation starter and reflects who you really are. Using wall papers is also a great way to bring back the old world charm.


Statement seating

Seating is the most important thing in a living room. A plush sofa that your guests can sink will always keep the party going. Additional seating in the form of chair swings, swings or hammocks can be fun and comforting. Adding fur or a throw in different texture will also amp up the style quotient.


Add life to your living space

An instant way to breathe life into your living room is with plants. Plants make a home feel lived in and relaxed. Jazz up your living room by using unique planters to keep your plants in. Even if you don’t have a green thumb you can make it work with a few low maintenance plants. Move your plants up from ground level to line up on a bench or a corner shelf. If you are short on space then go vertical, mount your plants on the wall to create a stunning display.


Light it right

Lighting can actually make a huge difference to your living room. While white light adds more dimension to your living space, yellow lights can actually make the room look cozier. This is a great way to transform your room. You can give a newly built house a slightly vintage feel by adding a vintage style lighting or modernise your house by installing a sleek classy chandelier or shiny brass one. Wall sconces are perfect for highlighting certain areas like your bedside table or above the console.


Dramatic flooring

With a wide variety of flooring options available you can experiment quite a bit. Oxide flooring comes with variety of colours, classy looks and is easy on your pocket. Give your flooring an interesting look by laying thin strip of small tiles in the place of grout lines. Another great idea to try out would be to create an area rug illusion with the placement of your tiles. Ideal places would be beneath the dining room table or entryway.


Do it like the Danish

Don’t we all want to curl up on the couch and surrender to the power of books? Hygge is a Danish concept that is picking up where you create a comfortable corner in your house where all elements are cozy. Set up a Hygge- inspired reading corner with comfortable rugs, a soft couch and a bookshelf with your favorite books. Updating the back panel of your bookshelf is an easy way to bring in colour and design to your living room. You can paint it or add wallpapers in a colour or design that goes with the rest of your decor.


Decorate it with what you love. If you love it then you did it right. After all, your home should reflect you and what you love.