The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Perfect Kitchen For Your Home

Sophisticated black themed modular kitchen unit

Your kitchen has always been the heart of your home; the warm corner that brews instant coffee, the place you devour midnight Maggi, where you have whipped up a quick snack for guests. With the advent of cooking shows like Masterchef, cooking has evolved to become more than just a means to end hunger and has also become more ‘Instagrammable’. Therefore, the humble kitchen has now taken centre stage.

Go modular

An important factor to consider before you jump into the act would be to ensure that you design your kitchen around your appliances. Appliances are your rock stars and you cannot make do without them, but that does not mean they define your kitchen space. Modular kitchens help de-clutter your kitchen, making it more functional and also appealing to use.

Measure your pocket

Make a budget. Your budget matters! As stated before there are thousands of options available for every aspect in your kitchen from appliances to countertop colours and cabinet colours. It is easy to get carried away with all the many different options available. A budget will keep you reined in and allow you to focus on what exactly you need for your kitchen. It will also help you decide on the overall scheme and changes that you want to make.

Get inspired

Look for inspiration. It can be your favourite celebrity kitchen, ideas from modular kitchen experts or your best friend’s kitchen. Keep a handbook and track beautiful kitchen design types that you want to replicate in your home. Whatever your inspiration, be sure to research a lot before you decide on a choice. There is no point in rushing through it when you have to live with it for many years.

Getting the essentials right

We know that putting together a house can be quite an overwhelming journey; but be calm – everyone has gone through this tumultuous journey at least once and for some, multiple times in their lifetime. Don’t worry because we have the right minds and experts who can help you select the essentials for your kitchen which will have you covered right from the start. Every kitchen should cover the basics; these include the shelves, cabinets and a functional basin. Taps that save water are not only essential at a time we are struggling to protect our environment but also look sleeker than regular ones.

Colour pallete

A great idea to spruce up your kitchen would be to have a signature wall with a bright colour. Every user has different tastes but don’t follow a trend like a herd of sheep. We have experts who can understand the tones you like, and blend it to suit a modern kitchen. Go for cheery yellows and dashes of red if you want your kitchen to be a happy place. If it’s your place to brood, you can ask our experts to go for beige or monochrome pallete. Adding wall tiles that match with your interiors is an option you can resort to, if you are feeling a bit adventurous.

Choosing your cooking space

There are usually 4 main ways to organise the kitchen that ensure maximum efficiency.

• The great wall: Here the appliances, cooktop and sink are all aligned against a single wall. The basin is usually located with an appliance and cooktop on either side. This type of kitchen is suitable for compact homes where space is premium.

• L-shape kitchens: This is one of the more popular designs. It allows the refrigerator, cooktop and sink to be organised in an efficient triangle in limited spaces.

• Gallery kitchen: The kitchen is designed against the two parallel walls. This is usually used in kitchens where the walls are close to each other. It also increases the vertical space and gives a sense of openness to small spaces.

• U-shape kitchens: This kitchen features three workstations organised against the three walls in an efficient triangle. Because of the separation of the workstations this type of kitchen allows another cook to work alongside.

What topping do you choose?

Countertops are usually a focal point and the first thing you notice when you enter a kitchen. Our experts can help you choose the material for the countertop and then the colour. Cabinets occupy most of the visual space in a kitchen hence it is important to choose your cabinet colour which will set the tone for the rest of your kitchen. Countertops can made of natural stone, laminates, tiles, quartz or solid surface. Granite is usually popular because of low maintenance, heat resistant and long lasting capabilities. Quartz is also another natural stone that is durable and is a premium option.

Your kitchen is the most significant and warmest (quite literally!) place in your house and probably a place you would spend a lot of your time in thinking about every meal that needs to be whipped up. So invest in quality appliances, make it your happy place and pick designs that will last longer than fads.