The Importance Of Choosing The Right Furniture For Your Home

Customized furnitures designed based on the looks of a home

Even if you cannot recollect anything particularly from the all-time famous F.R.I.E.N.D.S. series, you would have noticed the recliner that pops out when Joey sits on it. There are so many pieces of furniture that we come across in movies and in a friend’s home, but we always tend to brush away that thought, thinking our homes don’t require or deserve it. Have you always dreamed of having that upholstered couch? That massive bean bag? That rustic Victorian bed? The pop out recliner? The colourful Diwan? Well, it’s never too late to latch on to that feeling and refurbish your home with exhilarating furniture.

The luxurious rich velvet sofa or the delicately designed coffee may all look appealing on the cover of a magazine but before you make that decision there are a few aspects to consider in choosing furniture for your home. Granted you have an image in your head about how you want your home to look, but the plausibility of those ideas in the space before you may be totally different. This makes the task on hand difficult. But don’t worry we got this covered. Have a look at some of the things you need to consider before making the right furniture choice.


Measurements matter

Measure the each area in your house or at least have a rough estimate. The measurements will help in picking the right size of furniture. A sectional while providing with additional seating will simply overwhelm a small space. A love seat or futon couch with additional seating in the form of moveable pieces like ottomans will quirk up and add more dimension to small spaces.

Make a floor plan with a quick drawing or by laying down newspaper in the places you want the furniture. Designers can sit down with you and help plan your dream house. This will allow to envision the space more clearly. While doing the floor plan it is important to consider the traffic flow and making sure you leave enough space for movement.


Why furniture anyway?

Consider your lifestyle. Do you do a lot of entertaining? Do you have very young kids who will be all over the space or older kids? Are there older people living with you? Do you live in a small apartment or a larger one? All these will play an important factor in choosing the material and type of your furniture.

With young kids, it is more practical to get a sofa or seating with fabric that is easily washable. In a small space, it is a good idea to invest in pieces that double as storage, like nested stools which can be pulled out when you have company and a bed with storage. If you do a lot of entertaining and have older kids, then you can invest in more delicate pieces.


Personifying your taste

Everything you own should be reminiscent of you. Many people like a combination of different styles. A good idea to determine your style would be to consult a designer who will allow you to browse through pictures of products in vogue, assisting to determine what aspects appeal to you. It is important to choose a style that appeals to you, over being dictated by current trends.

Choose a focal point and start arranging furniture from there. Your focal point can be a set of French windows or a brightly coloured wall. Look around your space and determine the focal point.


Quality over quantity

Trends keep changing but your furniture last longer than that. Consider investing in solid wood furniture with sturdy frame. While they maybe a little more expensive, these pieces last for a long time. Choosing a neutral colour for your major furniture pieces will let you experiment more with the accessories. To bring in a dash of colour, choose cushions or art pieces in neon or pastel shades.

When choosing the sofa always do the sit test. Majority of the time you spend in your house, you will most likely spend it on your sofa so ensure it is the most comfortable furniture piece in your house.

Your dream home should reflect your choices and so should your furniture. Reach out to our experts to help you get closer to your dream home.

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