The design checklist for creating a perfect bedroom for your kids

The design checklist for creating a perfect bedroom for your kids

Haven’t we all dreamt of glow in the dark stickers, tent houses, fairy lights and bunk beds as children? But something had always stopped us from having our dream bedroom when we were kids. It’s never too late to conjure up a fun bedroom for your children.

Before you start off, you need to understand your child’s taste. Children tend to develop a strong sense of self-identity at a very young age. So you should consider his or her choices before you start designing away. We have drawn up a checklist of items you need to consider to design your kid’s bedroom that will grow with them and stay relevant for a long time:


Character Themes

If your child loves one particular fictional character like Harry Potter, then your job is made easy. Characters can be manifested in so many ways in a bedroom space. Try not resorting to very strong themes unless you plan on redoing their bedroom for every character your child fantasises about. You can bring in an element of a character from their favourite animated movie in the form of bed sheets and pillow covers. You can swap these out without any effort over time when their preferences change and give the room a refreshing look.


Picking the right Colour Pallet

Designing a bedroom can be child’s play, if the theme can be decided earlier on. Pick your child’s favourite colour. Do not go for usual blue vs. pink themes based on their gender. Go for their favourite colours, or a mix of colours. Don’t go for too bright colours. Your kid’s choices may differ from one weekend to another, so take an average of colours he or she doesn’t hate, and imbibe it in the room for best results.


Space and lighting

Ensure the room is not too cramped as kids tend to get hurt more easily than an average human, you must have realised that by now. If space is a constraint, then go multi-purpose. Bunk beds, benches with lift up seats and under-bed storage will come handy.


Keep it happy

At the end of the day, you want your child to be happy always, even after a bad day at school or is agitated after a fight. His or her bedroom should be the happy place where your child can spend his time creatively and without worries. So it is important to bring in fun elements like superhero themed bedding, bean bags, giant toys, wall decals, etc. Another fun way to inspire creativity is to have a plain wall where he or she can paint or draw at free will.


Investing in quality

Always pick furniture that will stand the test of time as it will surely be prone to wear and tear. Invest in quality furniture even though it may seem pricey at the outset. It will reap rich rewards as your child grows. Throw in a comfortable bed, pick an air conditioner that saves power and is compact, pick rugs that are soft on the feet, pick non-slip mats over traditional mats because you never know how it will save multiple doctor visits.

We have experts who will help you create a perfect dream bedroom for your child. So give us a hoot when you are ready to take the plunge. Children always have a sense of wonder and curiosity around them and if their space is designed to fuel creativity and reflect their taste, you have no idea about the places they’ll go!