Top 5 home decor trends for this summer

Top 5 home decor trends for this summer

Trends come and trends go, but few of them that are doing the rounds this season need to be brought to your attention, if you are looking for a home makeover. As summer begins, our OCD kicks in and we tend to clear out our spaces, remove clutter and reorganise. We spontaneously clear more space to let light and air into our house. So go ahead, throw open those windows and get rid of dark gloomy pieces with these 5 summer décor trends we have lined up for you:


1. Minting it green

In addition to adding an organic garden to your house, all hues of green are also a part of this season. If you are hesitant to go all out and paint your walls, try introducing it in small doses. Start with a couple of indoor plants, cushions in emerald and jungle green shades. This is one colour that is pleasant to the eyes as the brain tends to believe that you are among nature and brings in a sense of calm in you. In this fast paced world, bringing in an element that instils peace in you, should be your priority. Shades of mint green is also perfect for large upholstered pieces like an armchair or sofa. For the truly adventurous, you could try wallpapers in botanical motifs on one wall. Try to keep the rest of the room neutral and accessories to a minimum.


2. Distressed look

No we aren’t talking about your life. There is a new trend to utilise used furniture and decor that has a worn out look, just like your jeans. Antique pieces, chipped chinaware, worn out mahogany and rosewood furniture-all of these complete a distressed look for your home. Vintage furniture has made a comeback and it’s time you dusted off your great grandmother’s chair and display it on your front porch.


3. Keep it muted

A muted colour palette of grey, whites and beiges are in this season. It gives a sophisticated and minimalistic look to your house with little effort.The look is bright and breezy with little pops of colour. A neutral colour palette complements a wide variety of shades from cherry red to mellow yellow.


4. Patterns

With a muted colour palette there is more emphasis on texture of the different elements in the room, right from fabrics, wall treatments, art and even lighting. The different textures opens up the room and makes it more inviting. Consider using cushions in different materials but in neutral shades to add layers. Off white curtains with transparent prints can go a long way in brightening up your living room. You can also add an embroidered throw over your sofa. Add quirky lighting over the dining area to add some appeal.


5. Inside out

Summer reminds one of the long vacations in your ancestral town, eating mangoes, reading Ruskin Bond and playing in the open space. It is never too late to relive your childhood memories. Create a picnic spot for your family in your balcony or terrace with low tables and floor cushions and have a picnic to cool yourself in this sweltering summer.


Of course, trends are just new ways to change the look of your house. If you are unsure of which trend you need to follow or feel that your house requires a bigger makeover, reach out to our experts and start making the place you live in, the place you love!