How shrinking property sizes can increase the functionality of home interior

How shrinking property sizes can increase the functionality of home interior

As the space available in cities shrink so do the property sizes but there is no reason to fret as within that 500-700 ft of space, you can make the most use of it with functional design. In small spaces, it therefore becomes important to optimise space and maximise the sense of openness with high ceilings and small balconies.

To furnish these spaces it has become important to reimagine furniture and create new ones that can multitask. Drawers under the staircases. Storage space hidden in the wall and that can be pushed to the ceiling. Another trend is decor in vertical layers. This ensures that every inch of space is utilised. Storage spaces can be created by adding an extra layer under the ceiling or under an elevated floor. Closets can be squeezed between spaces in kitchens and bathrooms. A space is functional if supports the way you live and this is the key to your happiness with a small space.


Kitsch Kitchens

So you love entertaining? It is possible for the in-house master chefs to live happily with a small kitchen. All it requires is planning. Consider your flow when using the kitchen and also the things that you use frequently. These can made available at arm’s reach and the rest can be low or high cabinets.

Storage in your kitchen can go up to the ceiling. Make a methodical list of what needs to be stored, how many drawers and how many shelves. Other storage solutions include inserts that allow double storage, vertical spice racks and pull out shelves.


Serene Bathrooms

A large bathroom is more conducive to creating a spa like effect for your bathroom. However a similar effect can be achieved in a small area as well. Just like the kitchen this also depends on how you use the space. Choose a monochromatic theme which adds dimension to the bathroom. Paint it with muted colours, do not go for too much contrast in colours when you choose the tiles and add flowers to add to the aesthetic appeal.  Do you like shelves or drawers better? What kind of bottles and containers do you use? What kind of things do you need to store? Cabinets are now available that can stored into a wall thus offering more hidden storage space.


Practicality marries aesthetics

A small home doesn’t necessarily mean one that is only practical and lacking in beauty. The size of your furniture also matters. The furniture that you use ina large house will not look right in your small space and will make it look crowded. There are apartment sized furniture available readily in the market that can be utilised.

In a large house, there is room to accommodate a beautiful superfluous piece of furniture. In a small space though it is important to consider the use and purpose of each piece. It is important to choose something that is both useful and stylistic.

Choosing colour for your home is also important. A neutral lighter colour will open up the space more and you can choose accent pieces in bright pops of colours so that you don’t create a claustrophobic effect.

A good design is always important but it is more crucial in a small apartment. Every space must be maximised for both functionality and style so that it is comfortable to the home owners.


Make room for fun

A small house does not translate into not having space for fun outdoorsy games. You can include a really tiny foosball table or design a table that doubles as a snooker table. Remember that you can make your home as dynamic and fun as you want it to be.