6 innovative design essentials for your balcony

Design essentials for your balcony

Nothing can replace the wonderful open backyards and porches of houses. In the cities, it is now increasingly common to have tiny balconies. Small balconies are not ideal but when choosing a home other, features and priorities take over and a small balcony doesn’t seem to matter. Small balconies doesn’t mean that they can’t be beautiful . Here are six design essentials for your balcony.



Balcony gardens have helped many an aspiring gardeners to follow their dreams despite the lack of yard space. People across the world are now changing their balconies into spaces where they can grow their gardens. A few things to consider for your balcony garden is your budget and the amount of sunlight your balcony receives. With a wide variety of designs to choose from, it is possible to choose one that fits your budget. The amount of sunlight will determine what kind of plants you can grow. Vertical gardening pattern allows you to grow a wide variety of plants In a small space. When planning a vertical garden, be sure to drill holes at the bottom so as to allow the water to pass through.



If you have a covered balcony then wooden flooring looks classy and adds extra pizzazz to your balcony. Consider laying a good quality artificial grass turf for your balcony. This will instantly give a fresh look to your balcony and also bring the outdoors to your home. Lining the edges of the flooring with white pebbles or around the plants or seating area gives your balcony to give your balcony a Japanese garden effect.finally you can consider simply covering your balcony floor with colourful rugs to give it an instant makeover without too much effort.



Light up the night with pretty lights in your balcony. Whether your balcony is enclosed or not you have to make sure it is properly lit. Suspend pretty lights on the pots or on the railings or try wall lights or garden lights. Got for a whimsical look and Use candles in a chandelier , not only is the view pretty from outside you also get to see twinkling lights from inside your home. You can also suspend the candles in mason jars all around your balcony.



Transform your ordinary balcony into an oasis by adding comfortable seating. This doesn’t necessarily mean new plush seating. You can upgrade your existing seating by painting them in bright colours and put in some new cushions in complementary colours. A hammock or indoor swing is also a fun and alternative option to formal seating. Wrought iron furnitures are a classic. They are waterproof and ideal in all kinds of weather. If you would like something a little more softer to sink into then put in some cushions.


Transforming your balconies into useful rooms is not a difficult task. Contemporary glass enclosures can be used to convert your balconies into sun rooms.these transformed sun rooms can be used as home offices, playroom, art studios or your own personal retreat. Compact and attractive furnitures, plants and efficient storage make these balconies inviting and comfortable.

Folding chairs, foldable tables that can be attached to the wall and wall shelves can create space for other activities like entertaining a few friends. These glass balconies provide a wonderful retreat to enjoy a book along with your tea in the evening.



Accessories can tie together the complete look for the balcony. The most important accessory here would be the plant additionally you can add ceramic animals, a birdhouse or placing a small fountain. The relaxing sounds of water will keep the space serene and beautiful.